High Uric Acid? 8 Ayurvedic Tips To Manage Joint Pain And Swelling In Winter

Arthritis may cause problems like joint swelling and pain. The condition can be prevented if the body’s uric acid levels are controlled.
The High Uric Acid Ayurvedic Therapy: Joint pain and swelling are a result of problems caused due to arthritis. The condition can be avoided by controlling the body’s uric acid levels. Due to the dangers it poses when it is present in higher levels of uric acid; it is usually removed from your body through kidneys or urine. Although it is more likely to be developed more frequently in spring, there are times when it may also become worse over the winter. Certain foods should be avoided as they can worsen the problem regardless of the time of year. These symptoms can be cured, and temporary relief is gained by removing certain food items from your diet. Ayurveda expert Dr . Dixa Bhavsar Savaliya discusses the typical causes of elevated levels of uric acids, such as lower metabolic rate (poor digestive health) and sedentary lifestyles, eating more protein and lower fat intake, heavy meals or meals, not sleeping or eating habits, lower drinking of liquids and kidney issues for elderly patients, and eating a lot of meat.

Exercise Everyday For 45 Min
Drink Enough Water
Don’t Consume Lentils or Beans And Wheat For Dinner
Practice Early And Light Dinner
Consume Sour Fruits Like Amla, Berries, etc.
Work on Metabolism
Manage Your Stress
Sound Sleep For Digestion And Assimilation
Gout, the more severe form of high uric acid, is one of the most prevalent ailments. The most efficient and remarkable ayurvedic remedy to treat gout is Guduchi, often referred to as giloy according to the expert in ayurveda.
If you own the plant in your home, you can use it with ease. Soak overnight, crush them, and then boil them at dawn in one glass of water till the water is half. Then strain and drink. It can also be used in juice powder, tablets, or juice.

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