Best Job Portals in the USA

If you’re looking for a new job, looking online is the best option. Few people read magazines, so hiring managers use these sites less frequently.

Naturally, there is no expectation of finding the Help Wanted sign in the office of a reputable company. The trick is to find the top job sites for your specific needs.

You’d like the largest quantity of job leads, but you might find that searching through numerous job ads to discern genuine offers from frauds can be exhausting. Whatever the job title you are looking for, you will be able to locate various websites to upload your resume, create an attractive professional portfolio and look for the perfect job posting.


First, you should go for quantity. Indeed is the most used job-searching site globally, not just in the United States. It began as an online crawler that would search the internet to find jobs and job openings posted elsewhere. However, it has transformed over time into an enormous job board.

Indeed has more than 180 million unique users monthly and keeps a huge resume database. You will not only find hundreds of job ads. However, you can also save and upload your resume for search by prospective employers when you’re looking to apply using your Indeed resume or upload a customized resume to your computer that’s more suitable for the position.


Glassdoor was created to give employees a voice by allowing them to look over their employers, assess their experiences with certain businesses, and track their wages to enhance transparency.

Employers realize that it is more profitable to be where employees are. That’s why they list open positions in droves and are willing to pay at least $99 per job. Glassdoor can also allow you to post multiple resumes and submit them quickly to jobs with any of them.


The primary professional social network is LinkedIn; you should be on LinkedIn regardless of whether you’re seeking a job. The site is targeted at professionals with white collars; LinkedIn is where individuals and companies can discuss the top qualities that make them the best in their field.

LinkedIn is a huge network and is constantly increasing its active users. Many businesses are posting job openings on LinkedIn. It’s also a good opportunity for hiring supervisors to look at potential candidates even if they’ve never applied. Suppose you are careful with how you present yourself. In that case, your profiles present an even more complete picture of your potential employment prospects that can be portrayed via a resume.

Google for Jobs

While Google for Jobs is relatively new, it was launched at the end of the summer of 2017. It’s an offshoot of Google Knows All. Serious companies spend a lot of resources to become the most noticeable to Google in their particular field, including making it possible for Google to discover and showcase their job openings.

Google for Jobs is an integrated feature that provides job listings for people searching for keywords such as “jobs in my area” and “tech job opportunities.” For those looking for jobs, it is a simple and effortless method of finding jobs in the region you are interested in. Request, and you’ll be given.


There are a variety of ways to make use of Facebook to search for the perfect job. Most of them are completely free. It is possible to search and join various groups for job postings. Another option is joining groups with an industry focus and then networking with them.

Many businesses have their own business pages on Facebook and make specific job announcements on Facebook. If you’re looking to target specific companies, it is possible to find out if they are hiring and more about their culture. This type of preparation is attractive to employers.


Craigslist has become the most popular classifieds site and has an employment hub geared towards blue-collar jobs. Employers pay a cost to advertise their job openings. However, it’s free for job-seekers to browse for jobs and reply to the ads.

However, Craigslist is so cheap to employers, so it is a magnet for fraudulent employment offers. Most of the time, these scams offer an employment opportunity that isn’t there as a cover for collecting the necessary information to take your identity.

It is difficult to tell if a scam is genuine because every legitimate employer will eventually require applicants’ social security numbers and bank account information when they offer direct deposits. Make sure your interview process is in line with an established procedure. Be cautious of any employer that solicits that you transfer money. Wait to give your Social Security number until you’ve been interviewed and officially accepted for the position.


Many job websites offer no cost to job seekers and charge employers for posting their job openings. However, some websites provide value to job applicants and charge for their services. Flexjobs is one such example. The site aggregates job postings for jobs that offer flexibility, whether working at home, working from home, or working from the office, with a flexible work schedule.

The majority of jobs advertised are also available on other websites. However, the difference is that they’re vetted before being published. This could help you save time in navigating through the frauds. Flexjobs also provides helpful job checklists for job searches, more than 170 professional skills tests and webinars from companies hiring educational classes, and discounts on resume coaching and writing. To join Flexjobs, you’ll have to pay $14.95/month or $49.95 for the year.

A successful job search online is about separating the noise and only focusing on the jobs that fit the description. If you look on multiple websites, you’ll find a variety of the same jobs. However, you’ll be able to create an extensive list of jobs that meet your abilities.

Getting your resume available everywhere possible is essential to ensure prospective employers easily find you. A complete listing on LinkedIn is crucial because of this. While it’s not required, you can save some time by signing up for a paid website that reviews job advertisements for you.

Best of luck with your job look!


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