The last year was the worst in my life.

After months of pain, I was diagnosed with a swollen prostrate in June 2022.

By this time, I was constantly waking up during the night. Since I was indoors every day, I lost contact with most of my friends.
I was sleep-deprived. When I couldn’t “hold it in,” I quit my teaching job.

I was embarrassed, weak and old.

My story is not unique.

Millions of men in Britain suffer from prostate problems. Many men are forced to quit their jobs because of this.

I then came across a physician who was doing things differently.

I was fortunate enough to be able to get a consultation from Dr. Paul O’Connell. The renowned GP, rehabilitation engineer and physiotherapist.

He pointed out my mistakes:

Everything you have tried to fix the problem is “false cure”. They do not target the root cause of pain.

He explained that there was a solution. It doesn’t involve drugs, surgery or difficult lifestyle changes.

It works even without a GP. Even a doctor or an urologist would be a step too far.

After years of researching, Dr. O’Connell developed a simple 30-second morning routine that anyone can perform at home to relieve swelling, pain, and inflammation.

You can also boost your testosterone naturally and reverse urinary symptoms.

Since I began writing this article, I’ve followed Dr. O’Connell’s advise for two weeks. The changes I’ve seen are astounding.

I am able to go out with friends and sleep through the night. It no longer hurts me to “go.”

Spend more time with your wife.

Today, I’ve got some exciting news.

He finally made time to perform his “Protect + Perform”, routine after countless people asked him to.

In collaboration with a documentary team, Dr. O’Connell created a brand new online video . Free sharing of his revolutionary routine. Anyone who is suffering from symptoms of a swollen prostrate but cannot see him personally.

You can also benefit from this routine.

If you are sick of suffering there is no better time than now.

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