Zipp 858 NSW wheel fitted to the front of a TT bike

Lightweight or aero? Zipp says pick both with new 1530g 858 NSW wheels

Zipp has today announced an overhaul of its deepest and most aero road bike wheels, the Zipp 808 and 858 NSW. Like most new cycling products, today’s launch is accompanied by claims of improvement, but surprisingly for an aero wheelset the primary focus centres not around aerodynamics, but weight. 

In fact, the launch echoes many of the storylines from two of its previous launches – the 303 Firecrest and 353 NSW, and the 404 Firecrest and 454 NSW – and that’s primarily due to the brand’s adoption, and continued rollout, of specific technologies. These include a continued commitment to disc brakes, the use of a hookless bead, wider internal rim beds, adapted manufacturing processes, new Cognition V2 hubs and more. 

The result is a similar list of improvements over their predecessors, including weight savings, competitive pricing, crosswind stability and at least the same aerodynamic performance. 

Zipp 858 NSW wheel closeup

(Image credit: Zipp)

858 NSW

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