More Street Fighter 6 footage from Japan Expo 2022 gives us a look at Jamie's spacing and a new link for Chun-Li

More Street Fighter 6 footage from Japan Expo 2022 gives us a look at Jamie’s spacing and a new link for Chun-Li

Things have been a little quiet on the Street Fighter 6 front at Japan Expo 2022, but even though there hasn’t been any reveals or announcements yet (and there probably won’t be), we’re still seeing some new footage of the game from the show floor hit the internet.

Capcom Europe’s Brand Manager Matthew Edwards continues to upload off-screen gameplay from the event over on Twitter, and today we get another look at what Jamie can do. On top of that, there’s a link after Chun-Li’s Lightning Legs that we didn’t quite know existed before for you to see.

In the first clip, we see nearly a full match play out between Jamie and Ryu. While event goers don’t always have a strong fighting game background (and it shows by no fault of their own), it’s clear that the two players in this video know what they’re doing.

That’s exactly what we need right now to better understand Street Fighter 6 and how it works as we inch ever so slightly toward its launch next year.

The Jamie player pulls off some interesting things, including a (seemingly) standing heavy kick confirm into level 1 super, then that same confirm into his level 2 power up super later in the match. Most interesting about this Jamie footage, though, is the player’s knowledge of the character’s spacing.

There are several attacks that look like they’re landing at the perfect spacing here, such as a deep dive kick or a back hand from max range. This gives us an idea of how this character might mount his offensive pressure in neutral, and we see Ryu attempt to punish some of this stuff but to no avail.

In another clip, we see footage of Luke and Chun-Li slugging it out. While the level of play here is more on the casual end, we do see something interesting that Matt himself even pointed out.

At one point during the match, Chun-Li manages to hit a raw Lightning Legs and happens to link her standing jab after it. Now, the special move hit as a punish counter, meaning there was likely more frame advantage afterward to connect something, but it does raise an interesting question.

Generally speaking in modern Street Fighter games, a counter hit state usually adds 2 frames of advantage to the first attack to connect during that state. This is why you’ll often see larger, more damaging links hit after a blocked DP, for example, in Street Fighter 5, as there is an opportunity to connect two normal attacks that typically wouldn’t be able to link into each other.

Even for multi-hitting moves, it is only the first hit that gets the 2 frame addition. Here in this Street Fighter 6 clip, though, if jab doesn’t normally combo after Chun’s Lightning Legs this might mean that the counter hit advantage during a Punish Counter could apply the whole way through until the end of a mutli-hitting move instead of only benefitting the first hit.

This could make for some interesting new punishes and adds another layer to what is already looking like a fairly deep combat system.

Chun’s jab link can be seen at around 55 seconds into the video below.

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